All-embracing quality of life: the Ergotek contribution.

We design, develop and build furnishing solutions for fragile people.


Support, conveyed by concave lines, is our way of opening out onto the world. It expresses the comfort of products, the ability to listen and pay attention to requirements, the flexibility with which we embrace and manage projects. It is also ergonomy in the broadest possible sense: with products we create a person-product-environment system every single time, transcending individual fragilities and guaranteeing all-embracing well-being.


Ergotek is production, represented by a linear outline, because it is an effective technological system, with automated production and storage flows, meticulous processing control, diligent pre-shipment testing. We work to identify technical, functional and aesthetic solutions, tailored to both budget and time requirements, all Made in Italy.


R&D is fundamental for Ergotek. Therefore it is the sign underpinning our logo, it supports everything and enables the constant renewal of company know-how. Research is inspired by our determination to create quality interiors and ensure respect for those who live and work there. It is carried out by specialised personnel, also in collaboration with university institutes, to provide innovative products.

Each to their "own" Ergotek

Healthcare and care home facilities are often looking for support in design, someone to entrust with specific activities which are beyond the scope of their own organisation.
The Ergotek solution

We propose consultation with our technical department. A highly qualified technical department whose staff are always available, skilled, proactive and dedicated to fulfilling specifications and operating according to established time frames, specialised in developing furnishings for fragile persons.
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Retailers and general contractors of furnishings for fragile persons are looking for manufacturers on which they can always count, guaranteed quality products and punctual delivery.
The Ergotek solution

We provide an extensive product catalogue, guarantee excellent stock availability, the ability to anticipate requests and last but not least, quality. All this with our dedicated brand, Curoset.
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Sometimes architects find themselves having to design interiors for fragile persons and therefore require specific technical consultation or a qualified manufacturer in order to build their projects.
The Ergotek solution

We provide architects with specialised support for their ideas, thanks to our R&S office. We also operate with our very own production division and artisan workshop enriched with industrialised resources.
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Care homes and institutions which host fragile persons are often looking for a specialised partner for the design of furnishings and interiors according to the requirements of residents, to provide them with quality of life.
The Ergotek solution

We propose products and interiors designed according to the needs of fragile persons, residents, operators and relatives too, because we believe in an all-embracing quality of life.
This is why we have created our very own dedicated brand, Curospace.
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We are elements of inspiration

Every single day we imagine, design, build and deliver furnishing solutions which place "ergonomy and technology at the service of fragile persons": this is our mission. We are a small, close-knit company, focused on fragilities of the human body, with an awareness of the fact that sometimes we all feel fragile, at different moments in our life, over more or less lengthy periods of time. We are here to guide you in developing your tailored well-being solutions.

Stefano Tedesco

chief executive officer

Teresa Moro

assistant manager

Caterina Moro

manager quality system & human resources

Matteo Beltrame

R & D

Silvia De Odorico Comuzzi

interior designer

Oletta Paganello

sales department

Alessio Pitta

production manager

Silvia Marelli


Silvia Pasini

order processing & logistic

Patrizia Bordignon

quality controller

Alberto Stabile

quality controller

Ergonomics and technology to help fragile people

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We are always available to discuss projects, products and ideas which tailor the environment we live in according to specific mobility requirements.

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