Well-being is our aim

“We want to create furnishings that take care of people. Products that help them to better live their daily lives, making them protagonists of their time and life.
Because well-being is not a luxury, but everyone’s right.”

Caterina Moro, CEO

Our values


A value that comes from experience. The one that over the years we have developed in the Healthcare sector and that now we want to expand to new horizons.


Reliability and empathy have led us to understand the importance of respecting the methods and timing, the basis of all our work.


All our furnishings are designed and manufactured to meet in the best way people’s needs, from the most specific to the most common ones.

Led by empathy

Every day we strive to create products that meet people’s needs.

Empathy is what leads us in this mission. We put ourselves in the shoes of those who will use our furniture, trying to observe the space with their eyes to better respond to their needs.

We believe that this is the only way to create designer furniture that transforms environments into spaces to live and share.

Looking for more information?

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