Modular system

Collezione Area

Geometric, configurable, functional.

Items can be updated and modified, meaning the product can be re-configured over time. Each element is free of sharp edges, in order to guarantee greater safety for users.


  • Activities
  • Conviviality
  • Relax


  • Simone Bellan

Why choose Area


  • Have more intimate spaces
  • Enjoy greater privacy
  • Experience emotions in a safe space
  • Feel more secure
  • Feel cosy


  • Maintain visual contact
  • Work with more serenity
  • Manage effective one-to-ones
  • Organise the space
  • Clean and sanitise easily

The community

  • Feels the power of intimacy
  • Lives in more peaceful environments
  • Appreciates versatile and durable furnishings
  • Enjoys a more harmonious space
  • Finds spaces more attractive
“Flexible system that can be assembled to create privacy zones.”

Collection Area

Discover all the combinations of options and accessories.

  • geometric
  • configurable
  • functional
  • geometric
  • configurable
  • functional


The rounded shapes, the materials used and the high quality finishes give Area a distinct personality with a Nordic charm.


The depth and height from the floor, the side cushions, the handrail and the angle between the seat and backrest make Area an easy piece of furniture for everyone to use.
Area’s quality is plain to see in every detail: the construction of the base, the shaping of the profile of the handrail, the removable components, the excellent quality of the upholstery, the highly resistant foams and the removable covers.


The handrail offers a support for moving around. The large, welcoming dimensions offer protection from possible falls, thanks also to the rounded shapes.


Area 213A1 / 2132 are configurations that facilitate sitting down and standing up thanks to the support of the low armrests.
Area 183A3 / 183A4 / 183A5 are configurations which increase safety and protection, thanks to the high protective sides.

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