Traditional, durable, combinable.

The rounded edges avoid any risk of trauma; the laminated water-repellent tops are high quality and can withstand high levels of humidity, ensuring excellent durability. These tables are available in different formats, including stackable, and can easily be combined together.


  • Activities
  • Bedroom
  • Conviviality


  • Ergotek

Why choose Daily


  • Have a lower risk of injury
  • Feel cosy
  • Take part in social life
  • Benefit from high accessibility


  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Save time
  • Clean and sanitise easily
  • Make rational use of space

The community

  • Appreciates the quality
  • Enjoys more accessible environments
  • Appreciates versatile and durable furnishings
  • Perceives well-being
“A system of tables with a solid and linear shape.”
  • traditional
  • durable
  • combinable
  • traditional
  • durable
  • combinable


A range of safe, long-lasting tables. Solid and minimal, with dimensions and heights which are also suitable for users with reduced mobiity.
The under-top height and the absence of perimeter legs give easy weelchair access, even from the side, reducing the need for room to manoeuvre.


The versions of Daily with leg profiles aligned with the edges are much more than aesthetically appealing: they offer a level of quality that significantly increases passive safety.
Daily offers remarkable safety: the sturdy construction prevents it from overturning, while the rounded external profile of the legs aligned with the edge of the top greatly reduces the effect of any trauma.


The laminated water-repellent tops are selected for their high quality and can withstand high humidity. As such, they guarantee an excellent duration, facilitate cleaning activities and reduce cleaning times.
Different sizes, ease of use and combinability make the Daily table system suitable for every daily activity

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