Modular system

Organic, modular, flexible.

Its extreme flexibility makes it perfect in environments dedicated to activities or in contexts that require carer intervention. Depending on the specific needs, it can be used in different configurations which can be specifically customized each time.


  • Activities
  • Conviviality


  • Studio Othe

Why choose Epta


  • Enjoy increased accessibility
  • Feel creative
  • Feel safer
  • Feel involved


  • Enjoy a lighter workload and save time
  • Share and entertain
  • Accomplish more
  • Organise space better

The community

  • Appreciates the quality
  • Enjoys more accessible environments
  • Appreciates versatile and durable furnishings
  • Has a strong feeling of belonging
“Modular system of functional tables.”

Collection Epta

Discover all the combinations of options and accessories.

  • organic
  • modular
  • flexible
  • organic
  • modular
  • flexible


Conceived and designed to be easy to use, functional, resistant and accessible. The solid wood inserts can be fixed to the supporting columns to give the product a cosier and more pleasant look.


The central module means the Epta system can be arranged to create a complete and larger surface. It can bring together up to 7 people at the same time. Alternatively it can be used on its own, as a support for the operator or a table for dedicated activities.


Single modules have an original petal-like shape: wide on the outside for residents’ comfort and smaller on the inside making it more manageable for the carer.


Epta modular system is designed for easy accessibility, particularly for wheelchairs.

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