Safe, functional, stable.

Innovative design and construction technique make Flexi highly elastic and structurally solid. It is very stable, and unlikely to be overturned, either backwards or sideways, and is easy to suspend on the table top.


  • Activities


  • Matteo Beltrame

Why choose Flexi


  • Enjoy greater serenity, thanks to the slight rocking
  • Benefit from lower risk of injury
  • Perceive freedom and total safety
  • Can stand up more easily


  • Enjoy a lighter workload
  • Save time
  • Easily clean and sanitise
  • Work with greater serenity

The community

  • Appreciates the quality
  • Experiences more accessible and comfortable environments
  • Appreciates versatile and durable furnishings
  • Appreciates innovation
“Ideal for the safe and functional furnishing of activity spaces.”

Collection Flexi

Discover all the combinations of options and accessories.

  • safe
  • functional
  • stable
  • safe
  • functional
  • stable


The special shape of the armrest, protruding at the front, and the absence of hinderance from traditional front legs make it easier to use.


The specific construction technology ensures notable structural resistance, and therefore extends the life of the product, it also provides remarkable elasticity, which prevents the seat from overturning even if the person tips sideways.


The special design of the side allows Flexi to be rested on the table top either from the armrests or the seat, to make sanitisation activities easier for the staff.

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