Quick Sedie


Wide, rounded, ergonomic.

An unmissable piece of furniture for convivial living areas, ideal for activities, cafes and dining areas. Very versatile, it brings a carefree touch.


  • Activities
  • Bedroom
  • Conviviality
  • Offices
  • Reception


  • Matteo Beltrame

Why choose Quick Sedie


  • Feel cosy
  • Benefit from lower risk of injury
  • Enjoy comfort and support
  • Gain confidence


  • Benefit from lower risk of accidents
  • Save time
  • Clean and sanitise easily
  • Reconfigure space easily

The community

  • Appreciates the quality
  • Experiences more accessible environments
  • Appreciates versatile and durable furnishings
  • Enjoys vibrant and harmonious spaces
“A line of seats with a fresh spirit and Nordic style.”

Collection Quick Sedie

Discover all the combinations of options and accessories.

  • wide
  • rounded
  • ergonomic
  • wide
  • rounded
  • ergonomic


The lightness of the chair makes it easy to move, reducing the carer’s workload.


The specific construction system guarantees a remarkable structural solidity: the product has passed 1,000,000 cycles in the resistance test! It also allows you to disassemble every single element, extending the life of the product.


In some models the backrest extends forward, creating a surface for resting the chair on the table, thus saving time while cleaning the floor.
The space between seat and back reduces cleaning time.


The curved back is available in two different configurations and heights.

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