Privacy & Cookie Policy

Ergotek SRL firmly believe in the protection of personal data that you have decided to communicate to us. We also believe that it is essential to inform you of the modalities with which we will use your personal data and also to give you the possibility to choose how to use your data. Therefore, we invite you to read this Privacy Policy carefully.

Privacy Policy – GDPR

According to the art. 13 EU Regulation No. 2016/679 (GDPR), below you can download the information for the processing of personal data.

GDPR – Ergotek SRL

Why should you share your personal data with us?

By communicating your personal data you give us the possibility to offer you some advantages. In particular, it will be easier and cheaper for you:

Register your purchases in order to be able to benefit from all the advantages to which the purchase entitles you;
Request information related to your specific interests;
Participate in online communities;
Receive personalized messages and special offers related to your interests;
Save time by keeping your preferences;
Buy Pollution products online.

Furthermore, your personal data will allow us to carry out market research aimed at developing better products, providing better customer service and also improving our websites.
You may inform us of your personal data by completing and sending the attached card to a product you have purchased or by communicating with one of our customer service staff by e-mail, telephone or in writing.
In some cases Pollution has access to your personal data through external subjects. If you do not want Pollution to use the data that you have not communicated directly to us, you can inform us by writing to the address indicated below.


“Cookies”e website registrations

Some of our sites will send a “cookie”, a small text file, to your computer. This allows us to recognize your computer the next time you visit them without being forced to request further information for registration.
If you visit our websites to scroll quickly, read or download information, we inform you that we collect and store some information related to your computer, such as, for example, the domain name and the host from which you access the Internet, the the IP address of the computer you are using, the day and time it entered our website and the website from which you entered our site. We use this information to quantify access and traffic on our site and also to make our sites more useful. In any case, we provide to delete this information after some time.


Your rights

Once you have provided your personal data to Pollution, you will have the possibility to have access, within reasonable limits, to such information so as to be able to modify or cancel it. You can do this via your online profile or by requesting a copy of your profile at the address below.
You will always have the possibility to cancel any information you have from Pollution or to change your personal profile.



You have the opportunity to contact us by email, telephone, fax or post. You can find our references by clicking on “Contacts” on this website.
If you have any concerns about the use of your personal data on our part, do not hesitate to contact us, we will do everything possible to satisfy you.

The dedicated email is