Know-how culture

Our history began in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the heart of the Chair District, a place rich in artisan skills. A territory that allowed us to learn the ancient joinery techniques, to respect the material and understand how to work it by finding the best aesthetic shape.

Over the years we have grown, promoting the culture of Friulian know-how outside regional and national borders, transforming our products into small creations of high quality, where everything is taken care of in every detail.

A developing path

Day by day we continue to write our story, combining artisan tradition and technological research to ensure people who choose our products the best possible experience.

The flagship of our production chain is the upholstery department, that can offer a complete service: from setting the fabric cutting plans to sewing and gluing.

This allows us to have a wide range of processes to offer to the customer, from the simple one to the most complicated, from the application of buttons and piping to the matching or contrasting threads.

The importance of collaborations

We have always built long-lasting and reliable links with both our customers and with partners and suppliers. Solid relationships based on trust, passion, respect and attention to the environment in which we live.

Our company is like a person, where every part is essential and moves in synchrony with the other, to create high quality products.

Flexibility as quality

Our production capacity is combined with a great flexibility that allows us to meet the requests of people, responding to different needs in quantitative terms.

Customer satisfaction is a priority that we wish to achieve in every situation.

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