We love raising the standards
of our furniture

We make chairs, upholstered items, tables and other furniture.

We turn ideas for Health, Care and Hospitality into reality! The standards our company sets for everything we make are higher than those required by the industry, so we can be sure to increase well-being.

Our work includes stages where using precision machinery and technology are crucial, and stages guided by the meticulous work of skilled hands to produce great craftsmanship – something that can be clearly seen in our upholstery, for example. We are also precise about delivery times and provide full documentation.

Last year at Ergotek

16.339 Meters of fabric cut and sewn
25.287 Upholstered and assembled elements
15.866 Models sold
800 Orders delivered

Complete know-how, developed in a location know for excellence.

Our technical capacity is constantly refreshed and enriched by our network of relationships, original solutions from different sectors and skills from our local area. We are based in a part of Italy famed for being the most important chair producing area in the world: 40% of the chairs on the market each year are produced here.
Our company has grown here, benefiting from the experience built up over the generations, constantly developing and innovating local skills.

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Controlled production chain

Ensuring low environmental impact of waste and resources (Environmental Management System) and extensive quality checks (Quality System).

Peace of mind for 10 years

The structural damage warrantee that every customer would like to receive. Our guarantee goes far beyond anything being offered on the market.

FSC certified wood

From responsibly managed forests, following strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Order Tracking

Follow all the stages of your order and respond promptly and accurately to customers queries.